RV Tips and Tricks

Fresh Water System – Every RV is equipped with a fresh water tank.  After taking your RV out of winter storage and at least twice a year, you should sanitize your fresh water system according to the manufacturer’s recommendation found in your owners manual.  You should only fill up your fresh water tank from known good water sources to prevent contamination and also drain the tank a few times a year to maintain quality water.

Refrigerators – Most RVs have dual-powered refrigerators.  When hooked up to shore power or when running off of a generator, they are powered by electricity.  When traveling, they maintain their temperatures by using propane.  From the control panel you can select auto, gas, or AC (alternating current – i.e. electricity) as the power source.  When the auto setting is selected, the refrigerator defaults to AC as the primary but will switch to propane when no electricity is available.

Waste Tanks – Nearly every RV is self-contained, meaning that it not only provides sleeping quarters and kitchen facilities, it also provides bathroom facilities.  Waste from the kitchen and bathroom are stored in separate black waste and grey waste tanks.  Additionally, most RVs have a control panel that will show you how full the tanks are.  In order to keep the sensors operating properly and the tanks in the best condition possible, here are some recommendations:

  • Add chemicals to your black waste tanks on a weekly basis at a minimum to reduce tank odor and help break down the waste.
  • When setup at a camp site, let your black waste tanks fill up before emptying them.  This helps keep waste, primarily toilet paper, from fouling up the sensors
  • Always drain your tanks and add chemicals to them before storing your RV for long periods of time.
  • When dumping your tanks of waste, always dump the black waste first.  Once it has finished draining, then dump the grey waste next.  This will help clean out your waste hose of black waste.



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