RV 101

What is RVing?

We sometimes refer to RVing in our posts and photos.  So what exactly do we mean by RVing?  RVing is a lifestyle enjoyed by anybody who owns a RV.  That poses a bigger question:  What is a RV?  RV is short for Recreational Vehicle, so we consider a RV any vehicle that has a sleeping area, cooking area, and a toilet that is self-contained and you take it with you.  Essentially it is a second house on wheels, whether a pop-up camper, travel trailer, or any type of motorhome.  All of those owners enjoy the RV lifestyle:  RVing.

How does somebody RV?

RVing is neither a noun or verb, it is more of a state of mind.  With any kind of RV, you sometimes spend one or more days ‘renting’ a campsite with or without utilities and still essentially live self-contained.  While there are varying amounts of setup required depending on the RV type, you are still primarily self-contained without the need to do a large amount of unpacking.  It is relatively quick and easy to pack up and move on to another location with your same ‘home’ right there for you no matter what the view is out your windows.

Sometimes you road trip and boondock.  With your home on wheels, either driven or towed behind you, you have everything you need to travel at will and whim.



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