Goodbye Thunder Road

Tunder Road Final DayJuly 26, 2015 was a historic moment for the Carolinas signaling the end of a legend, Thunder Road at Carowinds Amusement Park. Over 160 coaster enthusiasts and thousands of fans flocked into the park to pay their final tributes.

Tunder Road Final DayThis iconic wooden roller coaster has served many millions of riders over the past 39 years as it flew from South Carolina into North Carolina and back.

Tunder Road Final DayMany of us were saddened by the occasion but came knowing this would be the last time we would hear the unforgettable thunder as the trains raced down the tracks.

Tunder Road Final DayThe station remained packed throughout the day showing how beloved Thunder Road was to all of us.

Tunder Road Final DayBut let’s step back and pay our respects to our dear friend, Thunder Road.
Grit your teeth…bear the load…enjoy your ride…on Thunder Road

Tunder Road Final DayCarowinds was gracious enough to grant us coaster enthusiasts our final opportunity for a close up look at her.

Tunder Road Final DayFrom the first lift, towering nearly 10 stories above

Tunder Road Final Dayto the sweeping turnarounds

Tunder Road Final Dayheld in place by strong steel cables to handle the enormous forces placed upon her.

Tunder Road Final DayNone of us will forget the final moments as you crested her lift hill

Tunder Road Final Dayand stared down her 88 foot drop

Tunder Road Final Dayand hit speeds of 58 miles per hour.

Tunder Road Final DayShe offered plenty of hair time (put that phone away)

Tunder Road Final Dayand drew thrills and screams from all ages

Tunder Road Final DayTunder Road Final Daywhere everybody loved the exciting thrills as you flew over the first hills

Tunder Road Final DayTunder Road Final Daythen rounded her turnaround for your race back to the station.

Tunder Road Final DayYou were rewarded with more air time always looking to see if you were ahead of the other train.

Tunder Road Final DayThe hills got smaller

Tunder Road Final Daybut the thrills never died.

Tunder Road Final DayUntil she did, giving her final ride.

Tunder Road Final DayThe caution tape is staged where her trains will never live again.

Tunder Road Final DayGoodbye Thunder Road.

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