Get in touch with nature at Enota Mountain Retreat

Enota Mountain RetreatCradled in the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountains and just a short 25 minute drive north of Helen, Georgia, is Enota Mountain Retreat.  This nature preserve offers a variety of camp sites, rv sites, and cabins.

Enota Mountain RetreatWhat adds to its beauty and allure is that it is located near the middle of Chattahoochee National Forest.

Enota Mountain RetreatFrom the campground you can take a couple of short, but steep and moderately demanding series of hikes into Chattahoochee National Forest.

Waterfall - Enota Mountain RetreatWaterfalls - Enota Mountain RetreatWaterfalls - Enota Mountain RetreatAfter which you will be rewarded with some great views of a couple of different waterfalls.

Enota Mountain RetreatAlong the way are some interesting sights including a former water storage facility.

Horse - Enota Mountain RetreatThis non-profit conservation facility’s goal is to become self-sustaining.  To that end, they have their own organic farm and have a variety of animals.

Enota Mountain RetreatThey provide daily tours of their facilities with opportunities to get up close with the animals.

Enota Mountain RetreatThe wide variety of sites are nestled throughout a small mountain stream including tent sites, medium RV sites, large RV sites, cabins, and motel rooms.

Enota Mountain RetreatWhile they are relatively nicely apportioned, they do lack some basic facilities such as cable TV (since there are no over-the-air channels available).  Additionally cell phone service and WiFi are spotty at best.

Trampoline - Enota Mountain RetreatFor the kids there are fun activities such as in-ground trampolines.

Enota Mountain RetreatFor the nature lovers there are wildlife viewing stations where you may get lucky and see some wildlife thorough the viewing holes.  A motion sensor and light will let you know when wildlife is present.

Enota Mountain RetreatGetting away to nature is easy at Enota Mountain Retreat is easy with a friendly and helpful staff.

Enota Mountain RetreatIf you want to get away from it all for a short spell, and help a non-profit organization, Enota is a great place for a nice getaway in the northern mountains of Georgia.

Happy Camping!

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