It’s the end of the road…in Key West

Key West 2015For pleasure or fun, relaxation or rum, there’s one place you must run to enjoy the warm sun,

Key West 2015it’s the southernmost tip

Key West 2015with views second to none.

Key West 2015But drivers beware, there’s no easy way there, you’ll find bridge

Key West 2015after bridge

Key West 2015after bridge.

Key West 2015Along the journey crocodiles you may see

Key West 2015and some duckies, or Duck Keys,

Key West 2015and trees.

Key West 2015But fear not, in due time a campground you will find

Key West 2015some with water

Key West 2015and views so sublime.

Key West 2015Under coconut trees

Key West 2015and unique ficus trees

Key West 2015you will find creatures small

Key West 2015and luscious foliage.

Key West 2015Here boating is king

Key West 2015Key West 2015some are ready to spring

Key West 2015while others are just biding time.

Key West 2015When you head out to sea

Key West 2015beware of jet skis as they fly all around with no care.

Key West 2015Just sit back and relax; it is no place for slacks

Key West 2015let the wind blow itself through your hair.

Key West 2015If it’s swimming you seek, don’t just jump in the creek

Key West 2015there are beaches around that are nice, safe, and sound

Key West 2015or just make your own shade while your friends gather round.

Key West 2015If you want to do more grab a board and an oar

Key West 2015or a kayak and crossover paddle.

Key West 2015When it’s time to set sail you’ll be off for awhile like a cowboy asleep in the saddle.

Key West 2015When you’re done in the sun and you’ve had lots of fun, you can wander to Duval Street.

Key West 2015There are landmarks to see

Key West 2015in your Lamborghini

Key West 2015or just shop

Key West 2015and grab something to eat.

Key West 2015If your feet start to jab grab a cool pedicab

Key West 2015that can take you to THE Sloppy Joe’s.

Key West 2015With good food and live shows

Key West 2015you will look all aglow

Key West 2015while the chicken just crosses the road.

Key West 2015When vacation is done you’ll head north

Key West 2015in the sun

Key West 2015and remember that my shop is here.

Key West 2015While the flowers cavort

Key West 2015and the ship’s in the port

Key West 2015your great times at the keys will not disappear.

Happy Camping!

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