Fury 325 Opens With a Bang

Fury 325 OpeningThe much anticipated day has finally arrived and Fury 325 officially opens!  With a big bang, I might add.  But first, let’s back up a moment and start from the beginning.

Fury 325 OpeningThe grand opening of the world’s tallest and fastest traditional-lift roller coaster conveniently fell on 3/25/2015.  While the day started out dreary it didn’t hamper any spirits.

Fury 325 OpeningThe new pedestrian bridge that connects to the parking lot is sure to offer some fantastic views of Fury 325 as riders fly underneath.

Fury 325 OpeningI predict that this element will catch some riders by surprise.

Fury 325 Opening - Carowinds EntranceNot only did they build Fury 325, Carowinds built a brand new entrance for 2015.  It is a lot more spacious and will allow for smoother traffic flow.

Fury 325 Opening - Carowinds PlazaThere are many photo moments waiting to be captured throughout the entrance plaza.

Fury 325 Opening - Carowinds PlazaIn case you weren’t aware, the North Carolina/South Carolina border passes right through the park including the main entrance.  It is marked by a concrete line that runs through the entire area.

Fury 325 Opening - Carowinds EntranceThe state line marker continues to the bus/RV parking lot.  This also provides some great views of Fury 325.

Fury 325 Opening - TicketingThe plaza has a contemporary feel but it doesn’t seem out of place at Carowinds.

Fury 325 Opening - TicketsThe placement of the signs fit well with the styling of the entrance.

Fury 325 OpeningThe stone columns really dress up the entrance and the LED sign is done well.

Fury 325 Opening - EntranceFor those of you interested in the entrance scanners, here you go.

Fury 325 Opening - Red CarpetCarowinds rolled out the red carpet for us.

Fury 325 OpeningCharlie Brown was on hand to great all the guests.

Fury 325 Opening - Bathrooms.And there are brand new restrooms to complete the entrance.

Fury 325 OpeningAs an added touch, the counties of each state are named in brick on either side of the pathway.

Fury 325 OpeningEven from the back, the front entrance has a photogenic quality to it.

Fury 325 OpeningThe Purrcussion Drum Line was on hand to bring add spirit to the occasion.

Fury 325 OpeningAs well as other entertainment.

Fury 325 Opening - Homer the DragonSome celebrities were on hand such as Charlotte Knights mascot, Homer the Dragon…

Fury 325 Opening - Sir PurrFury 325 Opening…and Carolina Panthers mascot, Sir Purr.

Fury 325 OpeningAs you enter Thrill Zone, you can see where Fury Fever is taking over.

Fury 325 Opening - Dippin DotsEven Dippin Dots Fury green offering a new Fury Freeze this year.

Fury 325 Opening - Thrill ShopThe former Rock Shop is now Thrills Shop.

Fury 325 Opening - Coca-Cola MarketplaceAnd there is a new Coca-Cola marketplace in Thrill Zone.

Fury 325 OpeningBut this is the star attraction for today!

Fury 325 OpeningThe anticipation builds as the final test runs are completed.

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 stands tall and proud on this important day.

Fury 325 OpeningIt won’t be long until we get some Fury of our own.

Fury 325 OpeningThe crowds build waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Fury 325 OpeningJust a quick side note while we’re in the area…Jukebox Diner is sporting some bright new flags this season.

Fury 325 OpeningHistory is about to be made and hundreds are on hand to bear witness.

Fury 325 OpeningMike Fehnel, Carowinds’ Vice President and General Manager opens up the ceremony.

Fury 325 OpeningHe receives ‘video calls’ from notable people including the governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory.

Fury 325 OpeningOther officials and politicians speak and the media catches every word.

Fury 325 Opening - John TaylorThen John Taylor, Carowinds’ Director of Marketing, joins in applauding the winners of the first rider’s auction.

Fury 325 OpeningCombined, they raised $18,320 for the Cam Newton Foundation.

Fury 325 OpeningLaresa Thompson, Carowinds’ Public Relations Manager, gets the crowd fired up with a Fury 325 cheer.

Fury 325 OpeningMike poses with his Fury 325 scissors.  Those would go nicely in my collection.

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningIt’s official!  Fury 325 is now open!

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningThe confetti settles, the fireworks end, and now the fun begins!

Fury 325 OpeningThe winners of the first riders take off.

Fury 325 OpeningThis train was special to many of us.  Money was raised to purchase seat #1 of train #1 in honor of a dear friend Max Cannon who passed away this year.  It was left empty in his memory.

Fury 325 OpeningThe media was excitedly getting riders’ first reactions as they exit Fury 325.

Fury 325 OpeningLook at those seats just waiting to be filled.

Fury 325 OpeningThe station has some nice lighting effects on both sides, by the way.

Fury 325 OpeningMore riders are excited to get their first experience on Fury 325.

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningFury 325 is a beast.  The speed you attain from an 81 degree drop from 325 feet in the air is an unbelievable 95 mph!

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningFury 325 throws you into the first turn which gets you setup for some great air time.

Fury 325 OpeningThis brings you towards the new front entrance of Carowinds.

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningWhere you’ll rush past onlookers…

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 Opening…and fly overhead as you travel through 6,602 feet of track.

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningAt the turn around you’re rewarded with some awesome lateral airtime before plunging under the bridge.

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningThe great location of this turn around will lead to many great action shots.

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningThen, just as quickly, the train is gone from the entrance where riders will experience some good laterals and great air time on their way back towards the station.

Fury 325 OpeningAs riders navigate the rest of the track they have some surprises in store but I’ll leave those for you to enjoy on your own.

Fury 325 OpeningThrough the course of its circuit, Fury 325 travels through both North and South Carolina.

Fury 325 OpeningAs riders enter the brake run their minds are filled with anticipation of the next ride – or fear and hope to never ride Fury 325 again.  It’s relentless!

Fury 325 OpeningBut pay heed to this sign.

Fury 325 OpeningI missed zipping up a pocket and lost a camera.

Fury 325 OpeningYou exit the ride through a great little gift shop, The Hive at 325.

Fury 325 OpeningThere are many great Fury 325 photo opportunities.

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningThis is not something you see very often.

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningIn Harmony Hall they had a great ice sculpture celebrating Fury 325.

Fury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningFury 325 OpeningThe food was simply amazing.  What’s even more amazing is that all of this will be served at Carowinds this year, either on the regular menus or at Taste of the Carolinas.  Incredible!  You HAVE to taste this food.

Fury 325 OpeningWe got to ride on Fury with the live band that was providing entertainment.

Fury 325 OpeningThank you, Carowinds, for a great day!  Fury 325 is one awesome coaster and you have to get out there and ride it!  It is sure to blow your mind!

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