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As we welcome in the new year I am starting a new tradition;  our own ‘best of’ list.  It’s not a traditional best of list focused on the prior year, rather it focuses on our nine years of camping experience encompassing over 120,000 miles on the road in our RV and overnight stays at more than 100 different campgrounds.  While I agree with those who say that we aren’t campers but RVers, I am approaching it in more general camping terms that appeal to all.  With that in mind, here we go!


Best CampgroundLakewood Camping Resort
While we have numerous campgrounds that we love, there is one that stands out to every member of our family.  Not only is the staff friendly and helpful, the campground is laid out well with easy access to and from your campsite.  Amenities are placed strategically and they continue to improve upon the campground with recent additions of a set of water slides and a lazy river.  We look forward to stays here for many years to come.

Best Camping Travel GuideWoodalls
Woodalls (now the Good Sam RV Travel Guide & Campground Directory) has an extensive database of campgrounds that you can search through and rates them on three criteria: facilities, restrooms, and appeal.  In our early camping experiences we would pick a campground near our destination and go with it.  As you can imagine, we ended up in some places that we never want to return to.  Since then we have learned to check out a campground in Woodalls first.  If a campground averages a 7 across the three criteria, it tends to be a campground that we really like.

Best RV ClubKOA
We classify a club as one who has a fee to join and gives you access to numerous campgrounds around the country at a discounted rate.  Kampgrounds of America (KOA) is at the top of our list for a few reasons.  First, every campground has a certain level they have to maintain making them consistently good solid campgrounds to stay at.  Second, they have embraced technology with a mobile app and a great website allowing you to quickly and easily make reservations.  Third, nearly every campground welcomes campers of all types, from tent campers to those in high end rigs.

Best RV ManufacturerWinnebago
Like many RVers, we have gone through a number of units of the years from various manufacturers and we have had some major issues with some of them.  We have found that Winnebago Industries consistently puts out quality units that are typically free of major defects and stand the test of time.

Best SupplierAmazon
Every camper needs supplies from rapid dissolve toilet paper to holding tank chemicals.  While Amazon doesn’t often directly sell the product you need, their marketplace does and Amazon stands behind the sellers so you know you’re protected.  We have never had anything but exceptional service from any RV supply we have bought from Amazon.

Best Roadside AssistanceCoach-Net
Every RVer needs to have roadside assistance.  There are a limited number of companies who can handle changing a big rig tire or towing a travel trailer so it’s important to have immediate help no matter where you are.  We have used numerous groups over the years but Coach-Net continues to come out on top.  Make sure you read the fine print because if you have dual tires, many of the clubs won’t cover changing the inside tire or can’t find you the help you need over the holidays.  Coach-Net has you covered anytime, anywhere.

So the next time you are looking for a RV resource, be sure to check out one of the companies in our best of list.

Happy Camping!

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