Silly Emmet, Bricks Aren’t Just For Kids

Legoland, FLLegoland Florida is the largest Legoland park in the world and geared towards families with children ages 2 through 12.  Since we knew that before our recent trip, we had certain expectations of what the park would be like.  Boy were we in for a surprise.

Legoland, FLWe are greeted by an enormous welcome sign skillfully crafted from a large number of LEGO bricks.  This sign is clearly not there just for looks, but its meaning is instilled in the hearts of nearly every worker.  Each and every person that we encountered works hard to truly make you feel welcome at Legoland.

Legoland, FLNext year they will also have a highly themed Legoland hotel next to the main entrance.  My wife thought I somewhat resembled the LEGO worker so I posed for her.  I’ll give my pose a C for effort.

Legoland, FLThis park used to be Cypress Gardens and there are a large number of beautiful cypress trees throughout the park.  They provide welcome shade from the hot Florida sun.

Legoland, FLWhen they created Legoland, they went all out to give you an immersive LEGO experience, like the LEGO squirrel that we spotted on the top corner of one of the buildings.  It seems that everywhere you look, there is another LEGO marvel.

Legoland, FLThat includes the coffee shop, and every other shop and building on the premises.  They really went all out to make this a great LEGO experience and to help build creativity in the minds of their guests.

Legoland, FLIf you’d like to mail a letter or post card to one of your friends, you can do so at the full-sized recreation of a mailbox outside of Guest Services.

Legoland, FLYou probably can’t tell what those are, but it is an entire wall of LEGO characters inside Guest Services.  It is truly remarkable to see.

Legoland, FLLegoland, FLLegoland is made up of numerous themed areas including Lands of Adventure and Lego Kingdoms.  They pay tribute to the various LEGO sets that are available.

Legoland, FLLegoland, FLOf course, I came for the roller coasters.  What I left with was an experience that I will never forget.  We thought we’d ride the coasters and be on our way.  Before we had ridden our second coaster, we were already discussing when we could make it back to experience the park again and we don’t even have any kids 12 and under.

Legoland, FLLegoland’s Island in the Sky observation tower is one of the most unique towers I have ever seen.

Legoland, FLLegoland, FLOur kids loved their two story carousel.  The horses looked like large version of LEGO horses.  I would have expected nothing less.

Legoland, FLWe were surprised and extremely happy with the Lost Kingdom Adventure dark ride.  For all my Marine Corps friends, don’t pay attention to the fact that the two females beat me with their shooting skills.  It is not something that happens often but now we have documented proof.

Legoland, FLLegoland, FLThe park was decked out for their fall festival, Brick or Treat, which is held on weekends in the fall.  Since it was a week day we were limited to enjoying the decorations.

Legoland, FLSome things are clearly made for kids although that has never stopped me from trying.

Legoland, FLMy daughter pretended that she was driving like me.  Go figure.

Legoland, FLWe enjoyed a fresh healthy lunch at the Lakeside Sandwich Co., a grill that makes great panini sandwiches.

Legoland, FLIt is located in the Imagination Zone area, where there are great classes and activities for the kids.  In this area,  they can learn more about building with LEGOS including the robotic Mindstorm kits.

Legoland, FLAppropriately enough, Einstein himself was watching over the area.

Legoland, FLLegoland, FLLegoland, FLLEGO City has what appears to be a full sized model of a Ford Explorer made with remarkable detail.  It is astounding the amount of work that must have went into the construction of this model.

Legoland, FLWe weren’t quite sure what this was but appreciated the recognition of our home city of Charlotte, NC.

Legoland, FLI was thrilled to be able to meet Wyldstyle from the LEGO movie ‘in person.’

Legoland, FLLegoland, FLThe rest of the family enjoyed hanging around with recreations of Batman and Robin.

Legoland, FLA large rotating globe with 3D LEGO-made highlights from around the globe was fun to watch.

Legoland, FLThe landscape is real and alive.  The deer blended in nicely.

Legoland, FLLastly we explored my favorite part of the park, Miniland, where famous areas have been recreated with LEGO bricks.  Here we have been transported to Las Vegas.

Legoland, FLLegoland, FLLegoland, FLHere are some recreations of New York City including Grand Central Terminal and Times Square.

Legoland, FLSemper Fi.  In the background you can see the Washington Monument and if you look closely, a witch ran into it while flying on her broom.

Legoland, FLA recreation of Daytona Speedway has cars circling the track.

Legoland, FLA day at Legoland Florida is one that LEGO lovers of all ages will certainly enjoy.  There is plenty to see and do for everybody and the friendliness of the staff is phenomenal.  You will certainly want to visit the next time you are in central Florida.

Happy Camping and LEGO building!

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