It’s all about the journey

We love to travel.  All too often, though, we get wrapped up on where we’re going and what we are going to do and forget that the trip there and back is part of the whole experience.

Fortunately we remembered this during one of our trips through South Carolina and were quick to jump off the beaten path to follow a sign for a covered bridge.  After driving through miles of beautiful countryside, we came to a parking area where we were able to get out and explore.

Campbell's Covered BridgeWe were rewarded with a great view of Campbell’s Covered Bridge.

Campbell's Covered BridgeIt’s more than just a view, though.  This 1909 bridge, only open to foot traffic, is the last remaining covered bridge in South Carolina and can be found in the Greenville, SC area but is open to the general public to explore at no charge.

Campbell's Covered BridgeIt is named for Alexander Campbell, who owned the land and operated a grist mill here.  For the bridge enthusiasts, It is an excellent example of a four-span Howe truss featuring diagonal timbers and vertical iron rods.

Campbell's Covered BridgeThe entire area is open to exploration allowing you easy access to the stream that the bridge crosses.  What better way is there to enjoy a summer day in the Carolinas than to site a spell and dip your feet into a cool stream?

Gold MiningDuring journeys like this you never know what you will encounter.  I came across this amateur gold miner and we chatted for a bit.  If you aren’t aware, gold was first found in the Carolinas and led to the first gold rush.  This gold miner has found enough gold to cover all of his hobby expenses including equipment and travel.

Campbell's Covered BridgeThere are also some remains of the grist mill and other structures from the Campbell family.  You can enjoy the shade and take time to read more about the history of this area.  If you have time, make sure to enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the provided picnic tables.

The next time you are on a trip, make sure you allow time to make it an experience and not just a destination.  It will lead to some unexpected memories that you and your loved ones won’t soon forget.

Happy Camping!

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