Southwest Holiday Adventure Part 2 of 6

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Southwest Adventure 2013We were treated to the Hungry Fox for breakfast.

Southwest Adventure 2013Numerous family members were there…

Southwest Adventure 2013…on both sides of the table unlike on TV shows.

Southwest Adventure 2013Anna liked her hot cocoa with a whipped cream mustache to boot.

Southwest Adventure 2013

Hungry Fox is an appropriate name for the restaurant.  We got tons of good food for a decent price.  If you’re hungry this is the place to go.

Southwest Adventure 2013Here’s one picture of a cactus (Saguaro to be specific) but you’re sure to see plenty more.  Us easterners like to take pictures of cacti.

Southwest Adventure 2013While we didn’t make it into Mexico this trip like I had hoped, we did head about 50 miles south of Tucson to the small village of Tubac.  This is the home of many artists and the quality of their wares are higher than what you find in Mexico.  Since this village is only about 15 miles from the border there is a Border Patrol check point you have to go through on the say back to Tucson.

Southwest Adventure 2013You will find a lot of things that you expect with the bright colors of a Southwestern motif.

Southwest Adventure 2013Anna was really enjoying the wild boar metal sculpture.

Southwest Adventure 2013Aww, what a cute little piggie.

Southwest Adventure 2013I was particularly fond of the donkey.

Southwest Adventure 2013Jeffrey was fond of napping in the warm desert sun.

Southwest Adventure 2013

The dog in one of the shops was really interested in Jeffrey.  He followed us around for some time inquisitively.  I guess he doesn’t see many wheelchairs in the store.

Southwest Adventure 2013If they had a small ant like this playing the trombone or guitar, I would now have it proudly displayed in my office.  That was not the case, however.

Southwest Adventure 2013

Southwest Adventure 2013There were all kinds of interesting stuff to see.

Southwest Adventure 2013

Southwest Adventure 2013The scenery, backdrop, and landscaping were all interesting to see.

Southwest Adventure 2013

I enjoyed that this park was a ‘trailer tether’ and not an RV park.  I’m not sure the difference but it was a nice play on words.

Southwest Adventure 2013

We left Tubac and headed to WalMart for some medication.  Being Christmas Eve, I’m glad we didn’t have anything else we were trying to purchase.  The rest of the store was insane.

Southwest Adventure 2013For Christmas Eve, we headed to a family’s house and met some family members.

Southwest Adventure 2013Jeffrey continued to entertain them.

Southwest Adventure 2013Yay!  A Christmas tree.  We miss ours being on this trip.

Southwest Adventure 2013Jeffrey is continuing to entertain.

Southwest Adventure 2013Grandpa is deep in thought or sleeping with his eyes open.

Southwest Adventure 2013Jeffrey even got most of the room to join in on clapping their hands to whatever he was watching on his iPad.

Southwest Adventure 2013A nice panorama of some of  family members.

Southwest Adventure 2013More family.

Southwest Adventure 2013My awesome wife.

Southwest Adventure 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!  This ornament helps remind us that Christmas is about Jesus and his birth.

Southwest Adventure 2013

After we got back, we hung the stockings in the RV with care in hope that Saint Nicholas soon would be here.  Would he find us in AZ?  You bet!  I have plenty of cargo compartments in the RV…

Southwest Adventure 2013Merry Christmas!

Southwest Adventure 2013

Here’s our campsite in Arizona.  We stayed at Lazydays which is now a KOA campground.  The sites were really nice and spacious and some even have grass.  We opted for a more natural site.  What’s that in the foreground??

Southwest Adventure 2013A lemon tree, of course.  What else would you expect to see in the desert?

Southwest Adventure 2013Speaking of desert, we headed north to more family in Phoenix on this beautiful Christmas day.

Southwest Adventure 2013Hey look, another cactus!

Southwest Adventure 2013

…and another cactus!  You should note that these Saguaro cacti are protected.  I decided not to sneak one home.

Southwest Adventure 2013

 Southwest Adventure 2013

Southwest Adventure 2013

Here we got to see more family and some of the same family who followed us around.  I guess you could call them our ‘roadies.’

Southwest Adventure 2013Look, an artsy picture of a cactus!

Southwest Adventure 2013What is that on your head, Anna?  Oh, a riding helmet.

Southwest Adventure 2013

Southwest Adventure 2013

Southwest Adventure 2013Anna gets to ride a horse on Christmas.  She really enjoyed it.

Southwest Adventure 2013They had a beautiful wreath on the front door.  Merry Christmas!

Southwest Adventure 2013

By now we had been on the road for 5 days so I got the honor of doing some laundry on Christmas!  Oh Joy!  This laundry center was cool, though.  The washers and dryers were connected so you could have them send you a text message when they had completed their cycle.  That was awesome if I could have used it.  Instead Anna had fun exercising in the fitness center next door so I hung around til they were finished.

Southwest Adventure 2013

The next day we headed towards the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  Boy would I love to have this view out my window.

Southwest Adventure 2013

Southwest Adventure 2013These cacti are beautiful to see in person.

Southwest Adventure 2013This rattlesnake, not so much.

Southwest Adventure 2013Is it a frog or a toad?  Either way it’s looking at you.

Southwest Adventure 2013The correct pronunciation of this cactus is ‘Sah – wahr – oh’ in case you didn’t know.

Southwest Adventure 2013Another great view of the desert.

Southwest Adventure 2013My what big ears you have.  You must be batwoman.

Southwest Adventure 2013The desert museum also has some animals.  We came across the mountain lion who was right at the viewing window and was really cool.  What was not so cool was that he picked out the smallest member of the group (someone else’s young kid) and was intently focused on the kid.  That made the cool experience turn creepy when you realized that the mountain lion was thinking.

Southwest Adventure 2013We got to the prairie dog exhibit when they were being fed.

Southwest Adventure 2013This one was more interested in digging a hole.

Southwest Adventure 2013A huge saguaro cactus against the blue skies.

Southwest Adventure 2013We tried to enjoy the free flight demonstration but it was windy that day and the birds weren’t being real cooperative.  We still enjoyed the few birds we got to see.

Southwest Adventure 2013The bighorn sheep are always interesting to watch, especially when they pose for the camera.

Southwest Adventure 2013This fuzzy looking plant is another cactus.  I’d sure hate to run into this.

Southwest Adventure 2013Look, a squirrel.  There aren’t many nuts here to collect.

Southwest Adventure 2013This is a newly discovered species of turtle.

Southwest Adventure 2013That crew looks like trouble.  You better call security.

Southwest Adventure 2013

I love the way some of the cacti get a purple hue to them.  I can only imagine how great this contrasts against them when they are blooming.

Southwest Adventure 2013One of the exhibits also had hummingbirds.  I forgot my telephoto lens so this is the best shot I could get.

Southwest Adventure 2013

Here’s an up close view of an Aloe plant.  These are great to have around if you have a burn.  It’s the best all natural way to relieve the pain.

Southwest Adventure 2013

After leaving the desert museum  we went to La Fuente.  It is hard to miss the pink building.  They have a lunch buffet and the food is authentic and good.

Southwest Adventure 2013They have a mariachi band that plays at nights.  Fortunately the above person is not a member of that band.

Southwest Adventure 2013Food shot!

Southwest Adventure 2013

One thing I noticed on our trips around Arizona including Tucson and Phoenix is how each interchange is decorated.  Seldom do you see a plan gray concrete interchange here:  Many are adorned with desert colors and Southwestern motifs.  It really makes it more enjoyable to drive around.

Southwest Adventure 2013We rounded out our trip with a visit back to family.  The dogs were happy to greet me and one was interested in my camera.

Southwest Adventure 2013

Southwest Adventure 2013They have four dogs, all of which are cute and friendly.

Southwest Adventure 2013

They also have fresh oranges if you like.  I found it neat with the number of people who have citrus trees in the desert.

Southwest Adventure 2013

Southwest Adventure 2013

They also have beautiful roses to enjoy.  I learned that the desert isn’t all about sand like my previous experiences.


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