Creative decorating with old park maps

I like to tell stories and I like to travel to parks.  Since a picture can say a thousand words I took my likes and turned it into an affordable decoration solution.

I started out going to the local Habitat for Humanity Restore and bought a few pairs of used bi-fold closet doors.  I filled in any damage and imperfections with putty, sanded down the doors, primed them, and painted them to match my man cave.

Once the doors were dry, I replaced all the hinges with matching ones that I picked up at my local hardware store

I went through my collection of park maps and brochures of places we have visited and I found many that told the story of our travels.  After letting the paint cure for a few weeks, I took Modge Podge and brushed it on areas where I wanted to put a park map.


Park Maps

 What I have now is a personalized folding privacy wall that serves not only as a functional privacy wall, but a big picture that tells the story of our travels.  It is a work in progress and we continue to add to it as we visit more places.

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