Seaboard train station

In our quest to find new and interesting places to explore, we often overlook ones right under our nose.  Such is the case with the Seaboard train station in Monroe, North Carolina.

Seaboard Train StationFirst we need to go back.  Way back to the end of the 19th century.  Back to the long forgotten days when trains were the primary means of distance traveling in the United States.

Seaboard Train Station

Seaboard Train StationIn the south during the 19th century, the Seaboard Air Line Railway was a popular choice linking Atlanta, Georgia to Norfolk, Virginia and ultimately other points to the northeast and southwest.  Monroe, North Carolina was an important city along the way.  Here south-bound trains could either head southwest towards Atlanta, or northwest towards Charlotte and western North Carolina. Trains headed to the north and east from Monroe would continue to Hamlet, North Carolina where they could continue northeast towards Norfolk, Virginia or southeast towards Wilmington, NC

Seaboard Train Station

Seaboard Train StationThe train station in Monroe, NC was built in 1906 as a passenger station for Seaboard Air Line Railway and it still bears that name today.  Over the years automobiles and commercial airlines have taken away most of the passenger traffic.  What passenger traffic remains was taken over by Amtrak in the early 1970s although passenger traffic no longer goes through Monroe.

Seaboard Train StationThe railroad industry was not immune to mergers and acquisitions leading to various name changes.  The latest came in 1986 when Seaboard officially became CSX transportation.

Seaboard Train StationThe train station has been well maintained over the years and continues to be used by CSX transportation as an operations center.  Monroe remains an important city for the railroad with its aforementioned connection to both Atlanta and Charlotte and large amounts of cargo and freight continue to flow through the area.

Seaboard Train StationAt any point in the day you only have to wait a short period of time before another CSX train is coming through with cargo destined for southern cities or for the Eastern United States ports.

The next time you are looking for something interesting to do, don’t forget to check out some of those overlooked areas to explore.

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