SCarowinds Halloween Haunt 2012

NOTE:  The following article contains some content that is rated PG-13.  Photos, descriptions, and dialogue may be disturbing to some readers.

SCarowinds 2012Hey all you ghouls and goblins, SCarowinds is back for it’s thirteenth anniversary at Carowinds Amusement Park.  As the sun goes down, creatures emerge transforming a family friendly amusement park into a chilling scream park.  With the addition of over 500 monsters roaming the park this year, no place is safe to wander.  Especially not alone…

SCarowinds 2012

SCarowinds 2012Even if there weren’t creatures from the graveyard, the atmosphere confirms that you’ve been dropped into the depths of your deepest fears.

SCarowinds 2012

SCarowinds 2012The premier attractions at SCarowinds are the mazes.  There are eight of them; all with different themes that are sure to get your blood pumping.  I’ll go through them one by one, providing insight without ruining your experience.

SCarowinds 2012

Not everybody makes it out the same way they came in.

SCarowinds 2012Asylum is based on a twisted insane asylum and one of the creepiest attractions on the list .  While there are some disturbing scenes, the whole atmosphere is disturbing which makes it great!  You should note that there is one area inside that will be bothersome if you are very claustrophobic.  In that case let one of the characters in the area know and they can help you get past it.  While the goal of SCarowinds is to provide some scares, they want it to be a safe experience for all.

SCarowinds 2012Camp Killauee is where nightmares are made.  What used to be a memory-making fun summer camp is now a place of fear.  This outdoor maze has horror at every turn complete with tents, a bus, and all things camping.  We find this one particularly creepy because of the amount of camping that we do.

SCarowinds 2012Cornstalkers is another outdoor maze through a haunted cornfield.  Of all the mazes, this one epitomizes a maze having few open areas and lots of narrow paths that wind through a simulated cornfield.  Don’t let your guard down, though.  There are still plenty of areas for the inhabitants to hide.

SCarowinds 2012Dead Inn is a little inn where you can check in at the front desk but you may never check back out.  Some of the scenes are predictable from an inn gone awry but there are some subtleties that you should take time to notice.  Don’t take too long trying to notice everything, though, as something may sneak up on you when you least expect it!  In the middle of the attraction keep a close eye out for the room with the big mirror in it.  You won’t want to miss that well-executed effect.

SCarowinds 2012Defex, Inc is a disassembly line of rejected toys and dolls.  There are some great oddities in here that you should take the time to observe.  This attraction also has an area near the end that will be difficult for those who are claustrophobic.  Don’t forget to tell one of the creatures so they can help you get past this.  Did you see the Easter Bunny?

SCarowinds 2012Fury takes place in a top secret military facility that is working on creating the ultimate weapon.  Fury itself is the experimental drug that mutates, disfigures, and weaponizes its subjects.  It was brand new last year and was met with mixed reviews.  I am happy to see some additions to the attraction that should appease all the naysayers.  Don’t pass this one by based on former reviews and make sure you look up at the right time.

SCarowinds 2012

SCarowinds 2012Last Laff in 3D is our favorite attraction.  If you are afraid of clowns you will want to steer clear of this entire area of the park.  If you are not, then this maze will be a blast to you.  You can purchase 3D glasses at the entrance that will enhance your experience.

SCarowinds 2012Silver Screen Cinema is a great unique maze with ideas gleaned from some of the creepiest horror films ever made.  You must make the time for this one-of-a-kind experience.  If you head back to this one first early in the night you should be able to get through with a short wait time.

SCarowinds 2012While the walk-through mazes are my favorite part, that is not all that Scarowinds Halloween Haunt has to offer.  There are also four Scare Zones.  These are themed areas of the park that you walk through at your own pace along some of the main pathways.  The setting of these areas allow you to interact with the creatures more-so than the mazes.

SCarowinds 2012Feeding Frenzy is filled with hardcore vampires surrounded by driving music that gets your blood pumping, just the way they like it.

SCarowinds 2012

The Cemetery is full of unsettled spirits and other undead things.

SCarowinds 2012

SCarowinds 2012The Playground is a playpen full of rejects infected with nuclear toxins creating disfigured kids who just want to play.  Take some time to play a game with them.

SCarowinds 2012

Mass Acres is new in 2012 and is an entire acre filled with the living dead arisen from their burial site.

SCarowinds 2012If you need to take a break from the scares, be sure to check out one of the three live shows.  The quality of the performances make it well worth your time.

SCarowinds 2012

Blood Drums is new for 2012 featuring an unforgettable blend of high energy percussion, music, sparks, and lights.

SCarowinds 2012

Creatures of the night performs many of your favorite ghoul-time favorites in a spirited song and dance revue.

SCarowinds 2012Eternal Jamnation takes place in the basement of an abandoned hospital where you will experience a rock and pop mix of high energy music in Halloween style.  See the living dead become animated by the power of Rock n Roll.

SCarowinds 2012That wraps up the forbidding atmosphere that you will find at SCarowinds Halloween Haunt.  But that is not all there is to do.  Many of the rides are open for you to enjoy (except for all the rides in Planet Snoopy).  If you are under time constraints, I suggest refraining from riding most rides during the Haunt.  You will find some of the longest lines on the rides during the SCarowinds Halloween Haunt.

SCarowinds 2012SCarowinds Halloween Haunt is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights through the end of October.  Beware!  This event is rated PG-13 and not recommended for those under the age of 13.

SCarowinds 2012If you have younger ones there is something for you.  Check out Carowinds’ How-o-Fest’s Boo Blast from 12:00 PM until 5:00 PM.  You will find kid-friendly attractions such as Peanuts Dance Party Show, a hay bale maze, a foam zone, Fraidy Cat Puppet Show, Trick-or-Treating, and more!

There is plenty for everybody to do during the Fall at Carowinds and SCarowinds.  Friday and Sunday nights have the smallest crowds.  You’ll get to do more with less wait on those nights.


Happy haunting!

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