Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Sunshine Skyway BridgeNext time you are in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area of Florida you will want to check out the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  It is part of I-295 through the area and opened in 1987.  It replaces a bridge that partially collapsed in 1980 when a ship collided with it during a severe storm.

Sunshine Skyway BridgeThe bridge has a cable-stayed main span and a total length of 4.1 miles constructed of steel and concrete.  It is a great sight to see spanning Tampa Bay.  There is a small fee of approximately $1 for passenger cars to cross the bridge.

Sunshine Skyway BridgeThe main part of the former bridge has been demolished  with the remains being placed offshore and along existing bridge approaches to make artificial reefs.

Sunshine Skyway BridgeThe causeway sections of the bridge remain and are used as fishing piers for a small fee.  There is also a rest area/park on either end of the bridge with picnic spots as well as access to the fishing piers.

Sunshine Skyway BridgeBe sure to visit the Sunshine Skyway Bridge next time you are in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area.  you are sure to be inspired by the grandness of it.  And who knows, you may even see a ship passing by.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge


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