Windseeker opens at Carowinds

Windseeker OpeningUnder a flurry of confetti, the tallest structure in the state of South Carolina opened on March 31st at Carowinds Amusement Park.  Standing at an impressive 301 feet tall, the swing ride gently takes you to the top where it circles at up to 30 mph.

Windseeker Opening

Windseeker Opening

From the top of the ride you can see up to 30 miles on a clear day including the Charlotte, NC skyline.

Windseeker Opening

Windseeker OpeningIn the normal Carowinds fashion, the food served is of the highest quality.

Windseeker OpeningWhile daunting in height, the ride experience is a smooth and relaxing three minute ride once you get over your fear of its height. Riders will enjoy a cool breeze spiraling around the top on hot summer days. If you get motion sickness, make sure to not look straight down. Focus your attention off to the distant horizon or the seat in front of you to keep your vertigo in check. Wes and I were able to experience the first ride on Windseeker today and found it to be relaxing and enjoyable.


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