Wild Eagle – Dollywood 2012

NOTE:  This article covers construction of Wild Eagle.  Check out this post for post construction coverage.

Amusement enthusiasts are an active group of people and news travels fast. We begin our journey on November of 2010 when the rumors began in the forums at ThrillNetwork.com that something big was coming to Dollywood for 2012. 

They continued to be rumors until late March when documents were discovered. These documents confirmed that Dollywood did, in fact, have something in the works in the plans to the City of Pigeon forge. Those plans were secret and known only to a select few. 

By April, there were obvious signs around the park as survey markers began to show up and trees started being cleared back in the Wilderness Pass area of the park, particularly around the SkyZip. Speaking of trees, it is refreshing to note that for every tree that Dollywood removes; seven more are planted around the park.

Wild Eagle ConstructionAt the beginning of May, ThrillNetwork.com hosted a live chat with Pete Owens, the Media/PR Manager for Dollywood. He confirmed that something big was coming to Dollywood for 2012, it would be the first of its kind in the U.S, it would be the largest single investment in Dollywood history, and that the name and all the details would be released on Labor Day weekend. 

By June reports started flowing in about coaster track arriving at the park so all the speculation was confirmed and Dollywood was certainly getting a new coaster for 2012. In the middle of June, Dollywood announced their new website, www.dollywood2012.com, that started providing additional hints as to what we could expect in the Spring of 2012. 

Dollywood likes to do things right, so what better way to announce the first-to-open wing coaster in the United States than at the Nation’s largest Labor Day fireworks show, the 24th annual Boomsday in Knoxville, TN.

Wild Eagle ConstructionThe occasional rains from Tropical Storm Lee couldn’t dampen the spirit at Boomsday 2011! Many came to enjoy the day’s festivities. As the day turned into evening, many more came to experience the awesome fireworks.

Wild Eagle ConstructionThrillNetwork was invited to Sponsorship Village as guests of Dollywood to witness, firsthand, the exciting announcement! Rain or shine, the show will go on!

Wild Eagle ConstructionWe certainly had one of the best views for the fireworks. For the first time in more that 24 years, the fireworks were being set off on the railroad bridge in the foreground instead of the Henley Street Bridge, right behind it.

Wild Eagle ConstructionThere was an overflowing BBQ buffet with all of the fixings and live local music.

Wild Eagle ConstructionAnd finally, the time was approaching for the big announcement. The new wing coaster for Dollywood in 2012 is…Wild Eagle! It has a really cool logo.

Wild Eagle Construction

The fireworks and laser show has begun. It was one of the best finales I have seen to a fireworks show.

Wild Eagle Construction

The next day we were treated to a special event, Dollywood! Every day at Dollywood is special, rain or shine, but it was mostly rain today.

Wild Eagle ConstructionDollywood wasn’t wasting any time. The signs were already in place advertising this great new coaster for 2012.

Wild Eagle ConstructionMany of you have seen this view and wished to travel beyond those gates.

Wild Eagle Construction

Well, today is your lucky day!  Pete Owens invited us to a tour of what’s behind the fence.  And here it is… 

Wild Eagle ConstructionTo get an idea of where we are standing, here’s the back view of Blazing Fury.

Wild Eagle ConstructionAnd just over the hill is the back of Mystery Mine.

Wild Eagle Construction

The main lift hill is going to build the riders’ excitement until the train crests over the top of that lone tree. Double the height of that tree, I might add. Imagine the views with nothing above or below you.

Wild Eagle ConstructionHere is where the station is going. Take note of Adventure Mountain in the background to give you a reference of where we are. The entrance to the ride will be doing down in that area and there are more surprises that we can’t tell you about!

Wild Eagle ConstructionHere’s the end of the final brake run.

Wild Eagle ConstructionAs we reach the highest point in the park, we can look down what will soon be the lift hill and also the location where the lift hill will separate from the terrain and continue to soar into the sky.

Wild Eagle ConstructionOnce the trains are at an elevation of 210 feet higher than the entrance grade, they will swoop down at 60 MPH following the terrain into a giant loop. The loop will be located around the yellow forklift (which will be removed to make room for the loop).

Wild Eagle Construction

Now we are standing up the track looking back towards the loop. Here you can imagine flying through the air in a Zero G Roll.

Wild Eagle ConstructionFacing back to the direction of travel, you can visualize the Immelmann twisting through the woods and back over the trees as the train speeds back towards the station.

Wild Eagle ConstructionAs the train winds back through the same path it does a Giant Flat Spin and a camel back that should give some great air time before it heads into a spiral located in this area.

Wild Eagle Construction

After exiting the spiral, the Wild Eagle will head into an Eight Curve that is sure to be thrilling!

Wild Eagle Construction

Here’s the last view we’ll see before we hit the final brake run (minus the mud, and hopefully the heavy equipment). 

Wild Eagle ConstructionThank you, Pete and Brian! We had a great time! 

Wild Eagle Construction


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