Behind the scenes at Carowinds’ 2012 announcement

Long before the sun woke up, a handful of coaster enthusiasts assembled outside the gate of Carowinds Amusement Park. What could get coaster enthusiasts up and at a park so early? Normally it is to ride roller coasters but that was not on the plan for today. It was the day of the big announcement for what’s new for Carowinds in 2012. 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementThe morning started out early as we helped Wilson report on the upcoming event on FOX News Rising at the local Charlotte, NC FOX affiliate.

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementIt’s an unusual sight to see a broadcasting news van where you normally see happy smiling faces on their way to the next thrill. 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementCarowinds Public Relations Manager was on hand to help keep Wilson (and us?) in line. 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementAs the sun began to peek over the horizon, we eased closer to The Carowinds Theater. 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementThe caution tape was not enough to keep Wilson from trying to spoil the news of what Carowinds was set to announce. 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementThe Carowinds Theater was quiet but waiting in anticipation for the news media who would be there later. Am I the only person who thought the stage trusses looked strange the way they were setup on stage. Was this another hint of what was to be announced? 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementAs the morning drew on, Wilson continued to bring his unique sense of humor to the area residents of Charlotte with assistance from coaster enthusiasts. I thought we should do a clip from the top hill of Intimidator but that wasn’t in the plans for today. 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementWe moved back outside and Wilson wrapped up his broadcast by interviewing Bryn. You can see the Carowinds staff busy in the background preparing for the big day. 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementWhen we returned at 11:00, the friendly park staff was there to greet us and welcome us to their facilities. For those of you not familiar with Carowinds, that line of pavers is the North Carolina/South Carolina border that runs through the park. 

Carowinds 2012 Announcement

The stage is lit up and ready... Carowinds 2012 Announcement

The camera crews are ready… 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementAnd the new thrill ride for 2012 at Carowinds is… Windseeker! 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementAt 301 feet it will soar above the Carowinds’ skyline. It is sure to bring a new level of thrills and excitement! 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementAfter the announcement, we were treated to a great lunch including freshly grilled shrimp, tasty BBQ, and all the fixings that go along with it. For dessert there is fried cheesecake or pound cake, both with fresh fruit. It’s not a complete southern meal without something fried. 

Carowinds 2012 AnnouncementDid I mention that the food was fresh and tasted great? 


Thank you, Carowinds, for the hospitality and continued capital investments in an amusement park that is already great! 

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