CoasterMania 2011

CoasterMania 2011It’s late spring in northern Ohio.  The leaves are fresh on the trees, the grass is green, and the aroma of funnel cake is in the air.  That can only mean one thing – it’s time for the 23rd annual CoasterMania at Cedar Point!  This is an event sponsored by Cedar Point for coaster enthusiasts.  If you are interested in events like this, join a roller coaster club and you will receive notifications when events like this come up.

CoasterMania 2011CoasterMania began Friday morning and we arrived in at Campers Village after a long trip from North Carolina.  The weather was beautiful and the staff was very friendly getting us checked in quickly and on our way.

CoasterMania 2011The sites are spacious and well kept.  The bugs are real bad this time of the year but other than that, we are happy with their campground.

CoasterMania 2011It is located at the back of the park between Mean Streak and Lake Erie.

CoasterMania 2011After setting up camp, we headed to the park for what remained of the 2 day event.  Event pass processing was easy and efficient.  Suddenly I was transported back to the first amusement park I went to as a child.  It was a great feeling.

CoasterMania 2011

We enjoyed a few flat rides and various coasters such as Mantis, Wildcat, and Iron Dragon. Mantis, pictured here, is a decent stand-up coaster.

CoasterMania 2011The park was pretty busy because there was another event going on.  Lots of students were enjoying the park with us.

CoasterMania 2011Late afternoon we headed to the Coral Courtyard for Social Hour and complimentary appetizers.  It took awhile to get through the line but the food was good.  We didn’t stay for the special presentation that followed or the film festival.

CoasterMania 2011We hung out in the park after it closed for some exclusive ride time (ERT) on Skyhawk, Magnum XL-200, Mean Streak, and Top Thrill Dragster.  Magnum XL-200 is an ACE Roller Coaster Landmark and the first hypercoaster (over 200 feet high with a complete circuit).

CoasterMania 2011Top Thrill Dragster was the first strata coaster (over 400 feet with a complete circuit) and standing tall at 420 feet, it catches your attention from many areas of the park.

CoasterMania 2011Late night quickly came and went and before I knew it, we got to start all over again!.  By 5:30 AM we were taking advantage of ERT on Millennium Force, Maverick, Mantis, and Corkscrew.  Millennium Force was the first complete circuit coaster to top 300 feet and its opening led to twelve world records being broken.

As the day went on, it appears we brought the southern heat with us because it ended up being a very hot day.  We are thankful that Cedar Point provided bottomless drink armbands.  We took advantage of the cool refreshments numerous times throughout the weekend.

Early afternoon we were treated to a complimentary lunch in the Point Pavilion overlooking the classic Blue Streak wooden roller coaster.  The food was really good and we got free T-shirts to commemorate the event.

CoasterMania 2011The night ended with ERT on Raptor, Blue Streak, Disaster Transport, Wicked Twister and maXair.  Raptor is a top-quality, inverted roller coaster.

Thanks to the staff and management of Cedar Point for a great and successful CoasterMania 2011!  We will certainly attend again in the future.

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