Reducing the Impact of High Fuel Costs

Anybody who has been to the gas station recently is aware of the price of gas. With it hovering around $4 per gallon in the Carolinas and being even higher in other parts of the country, it is something that you have to factor when determining the budget for your trips this year.


Rather than allowing it to prevent us from traveling, I’ve looked for ways that I can increase my fuel economy.

  1. Perform routine maintenance
    • Keep your oil changed according to the chassis manufacturer’s change interval with the oil grade that they recommend.
    • Keep your tires properly inflated according to the chassis manufacturer’s recommendations and check them before every trip.
  2. Avoid aggressive driving
    • Slow and careful acceleration will improve your gas mileage
  3. Remove excessive weight
    • The less weight you carry, the better mileage you will get
  4. Drive the speed limit
    • If you can drive around 55 MPH, you’ll be surprised at the fuel you will save
  5. Avoid unnecessary idling
    • The larger your engine is, the more gas you use when idling
  6. Drive a constant speed
    • Driving the same speed helps to improve your gas mileage

While many of the items that I mentioned above won’t give you a dramatic increase in fuel economy, doing all of the above will certainly reap rewards at the gas pump. Who knows, you might be able to squeeze an extra trip in this year with what you save in gas.


Happy Camping!



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