Dare Devil Dive Coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia 2011

My family and I are members of a roller coaster enthusiasts club.  In addition to being coaster enthusiasts, we love amusement parks in general (some may be inclined to use the word fanatics).   From time to time we receive invitations to help parks debut their new rides and attractions.  You can imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to attend an event for the opening of Dare Devil Dive coaster at Six Flags over Georgia.

Dare Devil Dive - SFOGWhen you catch your first glimpse of Dare Devil Dive, the lift hill and 95 degree beyond-vertical first drop look formidable.

Dare Devil Dive - SFOGTowering ten stories overhead, the lift hill is certain to catch your attention as you enter the ride queue.

Dare Devil Dive - SFOGAfter the exhilarating first drop you go through a water mister.

Dare Devil Dive - SFOGThis is the beginning of your great adventure through the 2,099 feet of track and another surprise water mister somewhere else along the ride.

Dare Devil Dive - SFOGAs part of the festivities, we were treated to a great debut performance of Soda Shoppe Sweethearts.

Dare Devil Dive - SFOGDaffy Duck and Bugs Bunny were also on hand to help.

Dare Devil Dive - SFOGWhen the festivities were over, Dare Devil Dive emerged as a smooth ride experience that your entire family is sure to enjoy.  It opens to the public on Saturday, May 28, 2011.  Six Flags Over Georgia and this coaster should be part of your travel plans this year.


Happy Coasting!

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