Spring Break Fit For A King

We took a road trip and spent the first part of Spring Break at Kings Dominion in Virginia.

Our adventure began at the Camp Wilderness campground. They assigned us a site that had somebody else in it. After some time, the office found us a site that was not occupied.Kings Dominion 2011

Beyond that, our experience with the campground was relatively smooth. I will say that if you are looking for a relaxing place to stay, this probably wouldn’t be your first choice. The campers near us were noisy and didn’t seem to be aware of the unspoken campground etiquette of not walking through other people’s sites but that’s not really the fault of the campground itself.

In the tradition of all Cedar Fair campgrounds, we found the nightly rates a bit high considering the lack of cable TV at the sites (and only 2 1/2 channels through our antenna). It seems to me there is a missed opportunity of having a CCTV network in the park/campgrounds to build the anticipation of guests and inform them of all the daily and upcoming events. Aside from that our site had nice grass, was level, and roomy.Kings Dominion 2011

Speaking of Cedar Fair traditions, we appreciated that everywhere you looked there was a garbage can. Despite that, people still found opportunities to dispose of their trash in places other than the easily discovered receptacles.Kings Dominion 2011

Our favorite time to visit amusement parks is in the spring because of the lack of crowds. Spring break was no exception. We were able to do nearly everything we wanted in the span of 1 1/2 days. One of my most anticipated rides in the park was Volcano, a launch coaster that blasts you straight up out of the top of a volcano. The boarding process is slow so you’ll want to get there early or late in the day to minimize wait time. It is certainly a must ride for any enthusiast.Kings Dominion 2011

The most anticipated ride of mine was Intimidator 305. I was surprised a the intensity and overall smoothness of the ride but I experienced gray outs both times I rode it at the end of the first drop’s sweeping turn. That was enough to keep me from wanting to ride it again. I certainly encourage you to try it for yourself and see. Plenty of other people wanted to ride it over and over again.Kings Dominion 2011

In the foreground of the above picture is Anaconda, an Arrow Dynamics coaster known for it’s underwater tunnel. One of our favorite family rides at Kings Dominion is the Backlot Stunt Coaster. It is another launch coaster that has some theming to it that adds to the overall fun.Kings Dominion 2011

Our favorite coaster in the park is the floorless Dominator. It has the right balance of intensity and smoothness for everybody to enjoy over and over again.Kings Dominion 2011

We were surprised at the smoothness of the classic out-and-back racing wooden coaster, Rebel Yell. Both sides of the ride were equally smooth.Kings Dominion 2011

It is hard not to enjoy Mack Rides Wild Mouse coasters and Ricochet was no exception. Pictured to the right of it is Hurler which was pretty rough. It seems like a track reprofiling could do wonders for that wooden coaster.Kings Dominion 2011

I have been to Kings Dominion before and Grizzly was closed then. Sadly that was the case this time also so I’m still chasing the elusive Grizzly. Maybe it will be open during the fall when I expect to revisit the park.
Kings Dominion 2011

I’ve been on two stand-up coasters so far and neither one of them has impressed me. Shockwave was no exception. I rode it my one obligatory time and don’t plan on doing that again.Kings Dominion 2011

While we are coaster enthusiasts, we are also amusement park enthusiasts. So yes, there were other things to see and do besides the coasters. One thing sorely lacking from our home park of Carowinds is a Ferris Wheel. Americana is a great addition to Kings Dominion and well worth taking the time to enjoy while you sit back and relax with great views of the park.Kings Dominion 2011

Boo Blasters is a favorite ride of my son’s so I have to include a picture of it here. For anybody not familiar with it, it’s a dark ride where you ride in a car with laser guns and shoot at targets.Kings Dominion 2011

An enjoyable flat ride (if you call going 85 feet in the air flat) is Flying Ace.Kings Dominion 2011

Who can neglect to mention the iconic 1/3 scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. Thankfully there are elevators to get you to the observation platforms.Kings Dominion 2011

Here’s one view of the park from the Tower.Kings Dominion 2011

Here’s another view.Kings Dominion 2011

Kings Dominion is working hard to get Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular ready by this summer.Kings Dominion 2011

Here’s another view from above. It will be great to see it to add to the night atmosphere at the park.Kings Dominion 2011

You can’t complete a trip without saying hi to Snoopy.Kings Dominion 2011

We had a special guest with us that I wrote about here. Overall we had a great time and look forward to our next trip to Kings Dominion. Thanks to the staff for an enjoyable stay!


Ride on!

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