Carowinds 2011 Opening Weekend

Our busy spring schedule lined up with Carowinds opening for the 2011 season this past weekend allowing us to go and process our season passes. Yeah, right! The primary reason we went was to get on some rides and have a great time! Processing our passes was secondary and merely a necessary task.

When we arrived, we were concerned about the long line for season pass processing. Carowinds was well prepared for this, however. The line moved along very quickly and our passes were processed well under 45 minutes, much shorter than the 2 hours I had anticipated. The staff was also very friendly and professional.

Carowinds 2011It was a windy day and because of that Sky Tower, Drop Tower, and Intimidator were closed most of the day. This was a common sight around the park.
Carowinds 2011

This was also a common sight (No trains running on Intimidator) but Snoopy’s Gr8 Sk8 was operating and is always a family favorite:Carowinds 2011

Did I mention that it was a windy day?Carowinds 2011

The wind died down occasionally although Pirate Snoopy was still standing guard wind or no wind.Woodstock Express - Carowinds NC

It’s hard to enjoy a day at Carowinds without a ride on the classic kids wooden coaster, Woodstock Express that’s been around since 1975.Carowinds 2011

While it’s obvious that the wood was replaced on the Hurler during the off-season resulting in a smoother initial ride, something else less obvious must have been done because the coaster is actually quite enjoyable now:Carowinds 2011

Since we had a scheduling conflict, we were only able to make it to the park early afternoon. Carowinds Connection members reported that Intimidator was open early in the day but by the time we got to the park the wind gusts picked up enough forcing it to close. Near the end of the day on Saturday it finally opened up so we could get at least one ride on it.Carowinds 2011

Saturdays have always been busier than Sundays so two of us went back on Sunday for a few hours to get in some of the rides we missed out on the day before. Nighthawk usually has slow moving lines due to the loading of the trains so we happened to catch it at the right time where we didn’t have a tremendous wait time.

We were looking forward to riding Thunder Road but it was closed while they wrapped up the off season multi-year project of replacing the track.

We were able to get a few other rides in with much less wait time than on Saturday. All in all we had a great weekend. Thanks to Carowinds for getting the park together for us to have a great time! We look forward to more trips this year!

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