Spring Cleaning…Your RV?

Here in North Carolina, Spring has arrived. While that means trees are in bloom, daffodils are emerging, and pollen is everywhere, it also means it’s time to check out your RV and make sure no problems came up over the winter. It will also get you on the road quickly when you are ready for your first trip of the season.


Here are some tips getting your RV out of Winter hibernation.

    • Do a visual inspection.
      • You should walk around the outside and look for any damage, broken parts, or pools of liquids. Also be sure to inspect all openings (like furnace exhaust) and see if anything has made a nest in there.
      • Do the same on the inside. Test out your appliances, lights, and devices to make sure everything is in working order.
    • Flush your water system.
      • Hook your RV up to a city water system. Go around to each faucet and run the hot and cold water until the water comes out clear.


    • Sanitize your water system.
      • Many people stop at flushing the water system and forget this critical step. Make a bleach solution (1/4 C bleach to 1 Gal water) for each 15 gallons of your fresh water tank. Add the solution to your tank depending on your fill type, then fill the tank. Take your water heater out of bypass mode and run water through each faucet until you can smell bleach. Let the system sit for at least three hours and then drain it all. Fill the water system again and run water through each faucet until you no longer smell bleach.


  • Clean, clean, clean.
    • Break out the vacuum, dust cloth, and cleaner. Wipe down and vacuum your RV from ceiling to floor. This only takes a little bit of time and will help to protect and extend the life of your RV.


Enjoy another great season of RVing. Happy Camping!

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