NASCAR Hall of Fame

Charlotte Skyline

My brother wanted to check out the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  I always look forward for an excuse to head into the city so off we went.

Bank of America Stadium

You have to take the scenic route so you don’t miss out on shots like this of Bank of America Stadium.  Or did I miss the exit?  Nobody knows.

Nascar Hall of Fame

I think we’re getting close.

Nascar Hall of Fame

Getting closer.

Nascar Hall of Fame

And there it is.  The NASCAR Hall of Fame.  What’s next?

Nascar Hall of FameOh.  We have to go in?  I thought it was just a cool building. Come to find out, it has a lot of race cars in it.  Of course!  It is the NASCAR hall of fame, after all.  But you’re in for a whole lot more and don’t have to be a NASCAR fan.  You don’t want to miss learning about a true American sport from its roots to where it is now with a lot of hands on along the way.

Nascar Hall of Fame

Just in case you didn’t know, we’re 6 miles that-a-way to Charlotte Speedway.

Nascar Hall of FameHow do they get those fans to hang around day after day to pose for the visitors to the HOF?

Nascar Hall of FameAren’t you glad this isn’t real time?

Nascar Hall of FameRichard Petty will always be King winning all he did when the sport was based on true stock cars.

Nascar Hall of FameThere’s an overhead shot of the ‘compass’ pointing out the direction and distances to many of the NASCAR tracks.

Nascar Hall of Fame

It is official.  The urinal is Out of Service.

Nascar Hall of FameAnd I’d like to thank our sponsor, 76 gasoline…

Nascar Hall of FameDid you know you could get in the ball?  Scary.

Nascar Hall of FameHere’s the inside of a NASCAR team hauler.  Slick.

Nascar Hall of FameYep, tires and a fuel can.  What did you expect, Gucci?

Nascar Hall of FameNow you appreciate how heavy that tire is.  They only make it look light.

Nascar Hall of FameSame with that fuel can.  It’s not filled with feathers… hey wait.  Where did 76 go?

Nascar Hall of FameA piece of removed damaged safer barrier.  Thankfully this came along.

Nascar Hall of FameI’m sure you’ve seen pieces of racing templates but it puts it in perspective when you see all of the templates at the same time.

Nascar Hall of FameYou can even broadcast a racing segment.

Nascar Hall of FameAs you can see, there are a lot of hands-on interactive activities, informative displays, and other state of the art activities.

Nascar Hall of FameThe race is over.  I showed you enough and I’m not going to spoil any more of your fun.

Nascar Hall of FameYou have to get out there and check this place out!

Nascar Hall of FameCheckered flag crosswalks in this area are a nice touch.  I loved themed attractions.

Nascar Hall of FameCharlotte’s Light Rail

Charlotte SkylineCharlotte SkylineCharlotte SkylineCharlotte SkylineSome great Uptown Charlotte shots.

Charlotte SkylineUntil next time, Charlotte and NASCAR Hall of Fame.


Happy Camping


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