Chattanooga Beyond the Choo Choo

When you consider visiting Tennessee, one of the first places that often comes to mind is Nashville:  the state capital, home of the Grand Ole Opry and country music, and one of the few places on the planet with a full-scale replica of the famous Greek Parthenon.  Or, you may … Continue reading

The Rebirth of Kentucky Kingdom

Located in the heart of Louisville Kentucky, Kentucky Kingdom first opened its gates to the public in 1987.  After a dismal start, it closed after only one season and remained that way until 1990. Ed Hart purchased the park in 1989 and led Kentucky Kingdom to what was reportedly the … Continue reading

Harry Potter Strikes Again

From a successful book series to a successful movie series and then on to a successful themed area in an amusement park, few have captivated people around the world like Harry Potter. In early Summer 2010, Islands of Adventure opened a new themed area, Wizarding World of Harry Parter – … Continue reading